Size (in pixel):
468 X 60
460 X 55
50 Kb (maximum)

In our virtual magazine, the banners' spaces are found in:
- in sumary page (where the matters are presented and where the respective pages are linked. It will be, for sure, the page more accessed as to choose the subject wanted, one must to pass by this page);
- in the page of every matter;
- in the page of the section "Show your orchid";
- in the page of the section "Growers" and
- in the page of the section "Some tales, some stories".
- in the "Orchid News" Gallery.
The banner will be negociated by every new edition which will be put on air, at least, threemonthly.
The front page of the site will always point to the most recent edition however all editions go on being exhibited for indeterminate period of time in the topic "Store" and will be access only through the last edition. As for every new edition of Orchid News, a communication is done by e-mail telling people about the event, it will have a plenty large effective programme of announcement. We remind that our mailing-list is formed just by people who agreed in being part of it and has already reached the number of 1000 records.

The banner must be send by e-mail and must respect the size above mencioned.



PRICES BY EDITION (each three months) - Prices in US dollar   Brazilian edition English edition Both edition
Summary page   $ 200,00 $ 200,00 $ 380,00
Page of the subjects (each)   $ 120,00 $ 120,00 $ 200,00
"Show your orchid" page   $ 120,00 $ 120,00 $ 200,00
"Growers" page   $ 120,00 $ 120,00 $ 200,00
"Some tales, some stories" page   $ 120,00 $ 120,00 $ 200,00
"Orchid News" Gallery   $ 120,00 $ 120,00 $ 200,00