The XIII OrquidaRio Orchid Show took place September 9 through 12, and for the third time, the Nova América Outlet Shopping has been chosen to seat this event. The show gathered 10.000 orchids from hobbyist growers and commercial nurseries in an area of 500m2. The entrance was free and the event included show, free lotteries, trophies, sales area and lectures about orchid cultivation. Besides, as in previous years, there were a contest of botanical illustration and a display of pieces of hand-painted porcelain, which theme were the orchids.
Almost 100.000 attendees have been registered during the four days of show confirming the success of the exhibition and the corrected decision of choosing this place.


Besides the well done exhibits, the variety and the really extraordinary quality of the plants, marked this show.


A constant detail in the exhibits of the show:

elegance and beauty

Paulo Damaso, OrquidaRio Chairman and Delfina de Araujo examining an exhibit.


The following nurseries

and growers

took part in this

XIII Orchid Show:

  Aranda   Chácara Bela Vista   Minas Orquídeas
  Miranda Orquídeas   Nobile Flores   Orchid Castle
  Orquidário Binot   Quinta do Lago   Warneri Orquidário
  and in the OrquidaRio's exhibit, the following growers showed their orchids:
  Carlos Gouveia   Carlos Manoel   Hans Frank
  João Paulo Fontes   José Luiz Bartolo   Maria Lúcia Peixoto
  Maria da Penha Fagnani   Marta Guglielme   Paulo Damaso
      Sérgio Barani    

The II National Salon of Botanical Illustration - Orchids has also been a success and paid homage, this year, to Samuel Salvado, showing many of his wonderful botanical illustrations.

37 works participated in the contest and the winner is Ana Lúcia de Souza who received a trophy and US$ 800,00.

The jury was formed by:

Dulce do Nascimento - Botanical illustrator

Nilton Ramalho - Publicity illustrator

Carlos Terra - professor at The Fine Arts National School

Hans Frank - Orquidophile

José Luiz Bartolo - Orquidophile

Carlos Gouveia - Orquidophile

João Paulo Fontes - Orquidophile

The works will be showed at the Nova América Shopping until 30.09.99


Vencedora do concurso

The winner

Ana Lúcia de Souza



Click here to see some orchids
from the show and the winner list