by Sergio Araujo

We are putting on air the issue of Orchid News # 5, with more than a month delayed.
Sorry but as it is not a commercial site and it is maintained exclusively with our own expenses, many times, our personal needs prevent us from having the necessary time to do the edition in time.
In the previous edition, we started a discussion about the substrates and the need of tree fern fiber substitution, due to its close extinction.
We even created a forum where this question could be discussed for every one.
However, we didn't get the return we though the subject deserved. We only had two participations about this subject.
We concluded that the subject doesn't arise too much attention and there is no interest in discussing it due to lack, according to some, of a substitute to tree fern fiber.
We also asked people to manifest and ask a position from Brazilian government about the falsification of IBAMA hall-mark for the liberation of CITES. This situation is not unknown for IBAMA but it is not confirmed.
We had no return. It seems to be a subject that people prefer not to discuss.
Meanwhile, the tree fern fiber has being exported and consumed in a indiscriminate way.
Once more, it seems that the situation will stay as it is, a kind of "let's wait and see". The tree fern fiber will be consumed until finishing and then, we will be worried about this and will complain against people that doesn't pay attention to nature.
Concerning the IBAMA, why fight against it? When the tree fern fiber is over, we'll put our masks of angry and criticize them harshly.


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