by Sergio Araujo

In the last editorial, I was disappointed by the little (almost none) receptivity we had with the proposition of discussion about the substitute for tree fern fiber as substrate, due to the near extinction of Dicksonia selowii, so we decided to close the forum we had proposed for this.
1st January, we received an e-mail by Ernie Anderson where he declared his solidarity in our position and regretted the end of the forum saying that, in spite of all difficulties, it was very important to have a place where one could give alarm to events like that and if, only one person becomes concerned about this event, this would be the first step to try to reach the consciousness of the necessity of conservation Earth.
Recognizing the wisdom of Ernie's advises, I decided to create a topic turns to conservation.
We are not proposing a discussion forum any more but a topic always opened for this kind of manifestation, alert or denouncement and accessible to every one who wants to give his contribution.
We decided to call this topic CONSCIENTIA and it will be part of Orchid News.

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