Taking part in an Orchid Show and side by side with his partner and great friend Rolf Altenburg
José Dias de Castro, Siegwald Odebrecht (Zico), Maria de Lourdes Verboonen (his wife) , Jorge Verboonen, Elizabeth Verboonen (his mother), Elizabeth Verboonen (his sister), Anita (his niece), Rolf Altenburg and his wife, Judith Altenburg

Jorge, with his son Maurício, in a habitat


At his nursery


Masdevalias, his preferred orchids. Photo from his collection

His private collection

His office

Photos: Family's album and Sergio Araujo

We thank Mrs. Lourdes and Maurício Verboonen for receiving us so kindly
and allowing us to share with all those Jorge Verboonen's personal things.