Jorge Verboonen

by Waldemar Scheliga

I consider Jorge Verboonen one of the most important Brazilian orchidologists of the 20th century, the moment we got to know about his death, I think we should pay due homage to such an important life as his life has been.

In the company he has received to manage in a moment of his life, - Orquidário Binot (Binot Nurseries), the oldest Brazilian commercial orchid house - He rendered a great job to Brazilian and foreigner orchidophilia, making known Brazilian orchids genera and species and getting into the scientific knowledge many of them but for his work of research and introduction would remain still unknown.

Binotia genus is an example as it was given to pay homage and there many species that take the name in some varieties such as the wonderful Cattleya trianaei var. Binotii.

For that reason, I would like mention his historical importance and pay my homage extended to his widow, D. Lourdes and his son and successor Maurício.