One of the great names of
Brazilian orchidophilia


A brief and remarkable meeting
Sergio Araujo

I met Mr. Jorge Verboonen just once when we visited Orquidário Binot. We arrived, Delfina and I, at the nurseries ill-timed for visitations and we thought that we would not be received. By luck and also due to a little insistence of us, the employee decided to call Mr. Jorge Verboonen. Then, we have been received with attention and kindness...
Interrupting his repose, he met and showed us all nurseries, talking about the plants, almost one by one, explaining why that plant was in that place and nowhere else, telling us a little about the history of Binot, listening carefully to the doubts that Delfina, a beginner in orchids' studies, put and answering every thing with a touching enthusiasm.
I, by this time, observed the orchids with a certain distance and had a stereotyped idea about those people who dealt with orchids, was charmed with the kindness and the attention that Mr. Verboonen gave to us.
I should say that I was curious and puzzled with the passion that this people showed to orchids. And seeing Mr. Jorge Verboonen, an extremely kind and polite person also showing the same passion for those plants, I have been convinced that something interesting they should have and in this investigation, I started to love them too. I always wished to meet Mr. Jorge Verboonen again to talk a little about orchids, about his personal history, about life, after all. By many reasons, I never had this conversation with him. Now, I must put off this chat a little more.
Thank you, Mr. Jorge.
Rest in peace.



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