From the nature nurseries to the Great Nursery
by Sergio Araujo

Less then two months just before the turning of the millenium, Father José Gonzáles Raposo died, in Batatais- SP.
Father Gonzáles was one of those creatures that I just have heard about, always with respect and affection.
As a vivacious person, for sure, he would love to get into 2000 and into to the 21st century next year here in earth, at least to see the publication of his new book...
However the Creator decided to call him early. Certainly to take care of the paradise's nurseries, managing them to the turn of the century. Thus, our Father Gonzáles has gone to take care of Creator's nurseries and, who knows, describes a new species, up there and teaches to an angel, the correct pronunciation of an orchid name.
Sorrowfully we register the death of that lovable creature. However, at least, when our hour comes, we know that the Big Nursery will be ready and in order for our visit.


Father José González - Delfina de Araujo

Father José González Raposo, CMF - Father. Elias Leite

In Memorian Father José González Raposo, CMF - Luiz de Araújo Pereira