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  Foto/Photo: Sergio Araujo

Sobralia Ruíz & Pavón
Tribe: Arethuseae
Subtribe: Sobraliinae
Etymology: in honor of Dr. Francisco Sobral, Spanish botanist who lived in eighteenth century.

The genus has been described in 1794 and the species type is Sobralia dichotoma Ruiz & Pavón. The genus conglomerates at about 95 species and occurs in tropical America, from Mexico to Brazil, including Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela.
In general , the species are terrestrial but they can also grow on trees or on rock.
They occur from sea level to at about 2.000m altitude.
It has reedlike stems and, as it does not have pseudobulbs, the fleshy roots are the storage organs. Some species can reach 2m as Sobralia macrantha however Sobralia pumila and Sobralia lowii are very small.
The big beautiful flowers arise from apical inflorescence.
They fade very quick and last just for a day or hours however they appear in succession (from 4 to 6 flowers) so the same specimen can flowers for months with many stems flowering at same time.
Due the fact that the flowers are short live, this genus is not widely cultivated in pots, it is more common in well-drained garden beds forming beautiful clumps, however it can grown in containers large enough to allow the development of the root system in a compost made by pine bark, fibrous peat and sand with plenty of organic material.
Humidity should be uniform during the growth period followed by rest period.
It should be cultivated under bright light and intermediate conditions although there are some species that can be cultivated under hotter conditions.
It is necessary to cultivate it outdoors.
Fertilize it weekly.

-allenii L.O. Wiliams (Panamá)
-altissima D.E. Bennett & E.A. Christenson (Peru)
-amabilis (Rchb.f.) L.O. Williams (Costa Rica, Panamá)
-amparoae Schlecter (Costa Rica)
-amplexicaulis Ruiz & Pavon (Peru)
-atropubescens Ames & C. Schweinfurth (Costa Rica, Panamá, Colômbia, )
-augusta Hoehne (Brasil)
-biflora Ruíz & Pavón (Colômbia, Equador, Peru)
-bimaculata Garay (Colômbia)
-bletiae Rchb.f. (Panamá)
-bouchei Ames & C. Schweinfurth (Panamá)
-bradeorum Schlecter (Nicarágua, Costa Rica,)
-ciliata (C. Presl) C. Schweinfurth ex Foldats (Venezuela, Equador, Peru)
-callosa L.O. Williams (Panamá)
-candida (Poeppig & Endl.) Reichb. f. (Bolívia, Equador, Peru, Venezuela)
Mapa/Map: Sergio Araujo
-cataractarum Hoehne (Brazil)
-cattleya Rchb. f. (Colombia, Venezuela)
-ciliata (Presl) C. Schweinf. (Bolivia, Venezuela)
-corazoi Lankester & Ames (Costa Rica, Ecuador)
-crocea (Poeppig & Endlicher) Rchb.f. (Colombia,   Ecuador, Peru)
-decora Batem. (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador,   Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico,   Nicaragua, Panama)
-ecuadorana Dodson (Ecuador)
-dichotoma Ruíz & Pavón (Bolivia, Colombia,   Ecuador, Peru)
-dorbignyana Rchb.f. (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia)
-doremiliae Dressler (Costa Rica)
-fenzliana Rchb.f. (Panama, Colombia, Ecuador )
-fimbriata Poeppig & Endlicher (Belize, Costa   Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama,   Suriname, Venezuela)
-fragrans Lindl. (Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Costa   Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua,   Panama, Suriname, Venezuela)
-gentryi Dodson (Ecuador)
-gloriosa Rchb.f. (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru )
-hagsateri Dodson (Ecuador)
-helleri A.D. Hawkes (Nicaragua, Costa Rica)
-infundibuligera Garay & Dunsterville (Brazil, Venezuela)
-kermesiana Garay (Ecuador)
-kerryae Dressler (Costa Rica, Panama)
-klotzscheana Garay (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru)
-labiata Warsz. & Rchb. f. (Costa Rica, Panama)
-lancea Garay (Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador)
-lepida Rchb.f. (Costa Rica, Ecuador)
-leucoxantha Reichb. f. (Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama)
-liliastrum Lindl. (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Venezuela)
-lindleyana Rchb. f. (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama)
-lowii Rolfe (Colombia)
-luerorum Dodson (Ecuador)
-luteola Rolfe (Nicaragua, Costa Rica,)
-macra Schlecter (Costa Rica, Panama)
Mapa/Map: Sergio Araujo  
-macrantha Lindley (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama)
-macrophylla Reichb. f. (Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Suriname, Venezuela)
-madisonii Dodson (Ecuador)
-malmiana Pabst (Brazil)
-margaritae Pabst (Brazil)
-mucronata Ames & C. (Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama)
-neglecta Schlecter (Costa Rica)
-neudeckeri Dodson (Ecuador)
-oliva-estevae Carnevali & I. Ramirez (Guyana)
-oroana Dodson (Ecuador )
-panamensis Schlecter (Panamá)
-paradisiaca Rchb.f. (Colombia, Venezuela)
-pardalina Garay (Ecuador)
-piedadae Dodson (Ecuador)
-pfavii Schlecter (Costa Rica)
-persimilis Garay (Ecuador)
-pleiantha Schlecter (Nicaragua)
-powellii Schltr. (Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama)
-pulcherrima Garay (Colombia, Ecuador)
-pumila Rolfe (Brazil)
-rigidissima Linden & Rchb.f. (Ecuador)
-rondoni Hoehne (Brazil)
-rosea Poepp. & Endl. (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru)
-ruckeri (Linden ex Lindley (Colombia, Venezuela)
-scopulorum Rchb.f. (Peru, Bolivia)
-sessilis Lindl. (Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Peru, Suriname,   Venezuela)
Illustration: Iconografia das Orchidaceas Brasileiras
-setigera Poeppig & Endlicher (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia)
-sobraliodes (Kraenzlin) Garay (Ecuador)
-speciosa C. Schweinfurth (Venezuela)
-stevensonii Dodson (Ecuador )
-suaveolens Rchb. f. (Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela)
-stenophylla Lindl. (Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela)
-suaveolens reichb. f. (Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela)
-undatocarinata (Costa Rica, Panama)
-tamboana Dodson (Ecuador )
-undatocarinata C. Schweinfurth (Costa Rica, Panama)
-valida Rolfe (Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela)
Foto/Photo: Sergio Araujo
-violacea Linden ex Lindley (Bolivia,  Colombia, Ecuador, Peru Venezuela)
-virginalis F. Peeters & Coggns. (Colombia)
-xantholeuca hort. ex Williams (El Salvador,   Mexico, Guatemala)
-warscewiczii Rchb.f. (Costa Rica, Nicaragua,   Panama)
-weberbaueriana Kraenzlin (Peru)
-wercklei (Schlecter) L.O. Williams (Costa   Rica, Panama)
-wilsoniana Rolfe (Costa Rica)
-yauaperyensis Barb. Rodr. (Brazil, Ecuador,   Guyana, Venezuela)

-augusta Hoehne - PA - MT
-cataractarum Hoehne - MT
-fragrans Lindl - AM, AP, PA
-infundibuligera Garay & Dunsterv. - AM, RR
-liliastrum Lindl - AL, AM, BA, ES, AP, PA, PE
-macrophylla Rchb.f. - AM, AP, PA
-malmiana Pabst - AP
-margaritae Pabst - AM
-pumila Rolfe - PA
-rondoni Hoehne - RO, MT
-sessilis Lindl - AC, AM, AP, DF, GO, MG, PA, RR
-stenophylla Lindl - AC, RR
-suaveolens Rchb. f - AP, PA
-valida Rolfe - RR
-yauaperyensis Barb. Rodr. - AM, AP, PA

RR= Roraima
RO= Rondônia
AP= Amapá
PA= Pará
MA= Maranhão

PI= Piauí
TO= Tocantins
GO= Goiás
MT= Mato Grosso
MS= Mato Grosso do Sul
CE= Ceará
RN= Rio Grande do Norte
PB= Paraíba
PE= Pernambuco
AL= Alagoas
SE= Sergipe
BA= Bahia
MG= Minas Gerais
ES= Espírito Santo

RJ= Rio de Janeiro
SP= São Paulo
PR= Paraná
SC= Santa Catarina
RS= Rio Grande do Sul

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