A new occurrence of ENCYCLIA in Brazil

  Encyclia auyantepuiensis Carnevali & I. Ramírez had this description published in Lindleyana. 9: 61. 1994.
It has been collected in Bolívar, in Venezuela, in the altiplains and rocky savannahs of Auyantepui, by J. A. Steyermark in 1964, at 1.000/1100m altitude.

Initially it was assumed that it was endemic to the rocky slopes where it grows as lithophyte and probably as epiphyte too.

However, it has been found by João Batista F. da Silva in Brazilian territory, in Serra do Parima, in the state of Roraima. He sent it to Vitorino Paiva Castro Neto who identified after the blooming, in January 2003.

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