Coletânea de Orquídeas Brasileiras I - Encyclia 22:25 - 2003


Encyclia silvana
, Brazil, Bahia, Porto Seguro, new species.

A new species of Encyclia (Orchidaceae) to the Brazilian flora is shown here. It was found at Porto Seguro surroundings, in the south of Bahia State.

Brazil, Bahia, surroundings of Porto Seguro county.


Edmundo Ferreira da Silva, in 1999 May s/n. It bloomed in cultivation in September of the same year.

Named in honor of the discoverer of the species, Edmundo F. da Silva.

Blooming period:
Springtime in Brazil.

Atlantic Forest, in opened woods at the seashore, up to 100 m altitude.

Bahia, in the south region of the state.


Herb epiphytic, caespitose; Ovoid bifoliate pseudobulbs, 2,5 cm high, 2,0 cm diameter, covered with deciduous sheaths; Smooth when young then wrinkled. Coriaceous leaves between elliptical and oblong shape, having until 12,0 cm long by 2,0 a 2,5 cm wide. Floral stem reaching the double of the leaves length, with a few flowers which do not open entirely. The elliptico-lanceolate dorsal sepal is 13,0 mm long and 3,5 mm wide; The lateral sepals are lanceolate, a little longer than the dorsal one, 3,0 mm wide; Oblanceolate petals, 12,0 mm long by 3,0 mm wide. The sepals as well as the petals are ochre, having yellowish base. The lip has 12,0 mm long and 13,0 mm wide when flatted, strongly trilobate, the color is a little more yellowish than the other segments, with cuneate lateral lobs, with acute apex, which wrapped part of the column the central lobe is elliptical with acute apex.
The lip presents a callosity in the lip in the shape
of 2 lamellas which

  extend themselves since the base until the beginning of the central lobe, which also presents a longitudinal lamella a little lowered, in the sequence of the main lamellae. The column has 7,0 mm long and 3,0 mm wide next to the small wings; It is semi-cylindrical, greenish with yellow apex. The anther is yellow, with 1,5 mm long and 2,0 mm wide and presents 4 yellow pollinia 0,8 mm long. The ovary is slightly recurved.

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