Due to the great number of spams, the Internet service providers have been doing some protections in order to make difficult sending a great quantity of e-mails.
As, from time to time, we send a message to inform the issue of Orchid News and the up-dates on the site Brazilian Orchids sending those messages becomes more and more difficult since our mailing is very big.
Thus we decide to create a Yahoo group. Contrary to other discussion-lists, this list will only be used to send messages to give the information above mentioned.
There will be not messages exchanges between the members nor between the members and the moderators. The messages or any communication will be ONLY posted by the moderators (Delfina and Sergio) and answer these e-mail will be not possible.
NO ONE will see nor have access to the e-mails address from that group.
We thank you very much for your comprehension and we ask everyone who are not in the list and wants to be part of it to send us an e-mail (you can use the link bellow) asking for making part of the group, since the subscription can only be done by invitation.

Click here to send an e-mail and receive an invitation