The Cattleya granulosa Lindl.
by Delfina de Araujo
Fot/Photo: Sergio Araujo
Photo: Sergio Araujo
Cattleya granulosa Lindl. species described in 1842, and published in Edwards's Botanical Register 28: t. 1.

Endemic to Brazil, Lindley presumed that it comes from the Guatemala because he received the plant with some other coming Guatemala. That was the reason which provoked this mistake, still today, references to this occurrence are still found in the specialized literature.

Epidendrum granulosum (Lindl.) Rchb. f.
Epidendrum elatius var. russeliana Rchb. f. = Cattleya granulosa var. russeliana Lindl.


Cattleya le czar Lindl. - PE (C. labiata Lindl.)
Hadrocattleya felisminiana, (Brassavola tuberculata) Alagoas (Luiz Araujo) and Rio Grande do Norte.

Described varieties:
Cattleya granulosa var. russeliana Lindl.
Cattleya granulosa var. buyssoniana O'Brien.
Cattleya granulosa var. Souvenir Raymond Storms Linden

It vegetates at the sea level, in hot places, with strong luminosity and in woods next to the coast. It occurs in the states of Alagoas, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Pernambuco and Ceará. It is referred to the state of Bahia but probably it is mistaken with Cattleya schofieldiana Rchb. f.
About its occurrence in the state of Alagoas, Luiz de Araújo Pereira speaks in his book o "Album de Orquídeas de Alagoas":
"The plants of Cattleya granulosa are present in different altitudes and in different ecosystems: on rocky massifs (depression with layers of dead leaves and mosses), on trees (mainly ibiribas) and even on the sand at the sea shore, the roots with an extraordinary development, longer than the usual, searching for nutrient and humidity".
Medium to big plant can reach 60cm high.
In springtime, the inflorescence bears from 5 to 9 flowers, 8 - 10 cm diameter. They are scent, fleshy, the petals and sepals vary from the green-yellowish to brown-cocoa. They have crisped edge and most time they chest-reddish blotched. The lip is trilobated with wrinkled surface, covered by red veins and red-wine blotches, white edge. It covers narrowly the column.

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