Orchid News # 34

19th World Orchid Conference Awards

The judgment of plants, flowers, displays, photography and fine arts was assured by judges coming from all over the world and nearly 200 medals were awarded.The Grand Champion (Best in Show) was Paphiopedilum Michael Koopowitz from the reserve champion display (Krull & Smith) which was considered as the best for the public. The Grand Champion Display was awarded by R. Fuchs Orchids.
Among thousands plants displayed in the enormous show room (also in the selling area), many of them were outstanding and, in general, they deserved their awards. There were big and wonderful displays, however, there was one which was stood out by its delicate refinement and elegance: Andy's Orchids's Wardian Case. Except for a wonderful Laelia anceps, all of the plants were small and we don't how many plants they succeeded to put inside: Dendrochilum, Dendrobium, Pleurothallis and so on.
The impeccable cultivation called our attention.

Criterions of judgment

Grand and Reserve Champion
Chosen among the best flowers and displays in all categories:

Grand Champion
- The best flower or display.
Reserve Champion - The second best flowers or display.

There were three types of awards:

Ribbons: Presented to the best, second best and third best entry in a given group of like entries.
Blue Ribbon: First Place
Red Ribbon: Second Place
White Ribbon: Third Place

Trophies: Presented to the best among blue ribbon winners in larger grouping of entries.
- Best in Class Trophy (smaller): the best entry among a group of class.
- Best in Show Trophy (larger): the best entry of its type entered in the competition.

Medals: Presented to flowers or displays as compared to an ideal valued at 100 points. In the display the medals were represented by "medal" ribbons.
Bronze Medal - awarded to an entry that merited at least 75-79 points.
Silver Medal - awarded to an entry that merited 80 - 89 points.
Gold Medal - awarded to an entry that merited 90 points or higher.