Szu An Bon

Orchids cultivation

You may have already participated of many lectures about orchids cultivation. Most of the teachers make a demonstration of how to plant a cattleya, they explain that it must be watered down in alternated days etc., and the lecture finishes. The public leaves the lecture with many doubts and uncertainties, they will go to another courses and the same thing will happen. Therefore, I intend to explain in a different way.
The orchids possess 1,500 genus and 35,000 species, however they have only three common points: the roots is "equal", the leaf is "parallel" and the flower is "1+2+3=6". Through the observation of these three points (root, leaf and flower) it is possible to identify the plant as an orchid and what is its way of cultivation. The orchid "speaks" for itself of how to be cultivated, that is, indications about the light, place, water, mixes, seasoning, illnesses and divisions.
There is also the factor of the life cycle of an orchid, because one year possesses 4 seasons and in each one it will happen a different situation for the cultivation.
More information was given during the two hours lecture.