Vitorino Paiva Castro Neto

Phylogenetic study of the genus Baptistonia

Since Chase (2002) published the filogenetic tree of the Oncidiinae subtribe, it was clear that the majority of the Brazilian species are related to the genera Rodriguezia, Rodriguesioipsis and Gomesa, while the genus Oncidium Schwarz, whose species type is from the Caribbean (Martigue), is related to Lockartia and Zigmatostalix.
In 2004 Chiron and V. P. Castro established the genus Baptistonia showing by a comparative table the similar morphological characteristics of this group and transferring to this genus the species from the Waluewa section according to Pabst and Garay.
Based on 73 morphological characteristics for 20 species, it was obtained a matrix based on the Nexus program, and through the Paup program a phylogenetic tree was obtained.
Based on this tree, in correlation with external groups, the evolutionary process for this genus is showed by selected characteristics and through the subdivision of subgenera and sections that facilitate the species recognition.

CHASE, Mark W. Orchids: The pictorial encyclopedia of oncidium. Quito: ZAI Publication, 2002.