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César Wenzel - Conservation of flora through selective breeding

Delfina de Araujo - The Brazilian species of Oncidium and their natural and artificial hybrids

Francisco Miranda - Identification problems in Brazilian Cattleya species

Guilherme Harnoud Evaristo - Biodiversity and
drainage basins

Ingo Bauer - Amateur cultivation of orchids

Izabela Pacheco Cardoso
- Why environmental education?

João Hellman
- Basic notions about cultivating orchids

Jörg Frehsonke
- Phalaenopsis production in Europe, species and modern hybrids

Kenneth J. LeRoy - Urban forestry management in Philadelphia - USA

Lou Christian Menezes - Laelia purpurata

Patricia Harding - Encyclia group taxonomy

Pedro Stumm - Cultivation of bonsai

Szu An Bon - Orchids cultivation

Vitorino Paiva Castro Neto - Phylogenetic study of the genus Baptistonia

Werner Siebje Mancinelli
- The "gravatás"

Cynthia Hering Rinnert / Luciano Soares / Luiz Paulo de Lemos Wiese / Karine Kohl / Isabel Cristina Zattar /
Janine Lucia Rosa / Camila Luiz Lohmann
- Reasonable use of medicinal plants

João Carlos Ferreira de Melo Júnior
- Atlantic Forest: from ecological importance to actions to restore the environment

Fábio de Barros - Diversity of orchids

Elzira Maria Bagatin Munhoz - Interpretative trails and its role in the education and environmental sensibilization

Cleiton Vaz - Environment: impacts and perspectives