Delfina de Araujo is graduated in Music at the University of Rio de Janeiro, manager and associated to the photographic studio SERGIO ARAUJO FOTOGRAFIA, orchidist and orchidologist since 10 years ago, co-editor of the site Brazilian Orchids and the on-line magazine Orchid News.

The programming was really intense and the number of lectures was quite high. As expected, in most time, 3 lectures occurring at the same time making hard to do a choice and impossible to follow all of them.

The orchid show was really a spectacle.

Due to the difference of seasons between the hemispheres, the variety of genus and species of orchids flowering was great.
We had the opportunity to see species that , in general, are not often exhibited in the shows, specially, Acineta superba, Bonatea speciosa, Brassavola cordata, Calanthe rubens, Epidendrum coriifolium, Epidendrum cooperianum, Eulophia guineensis, Mediocalcar decoratum, Neomoorea irrorata, Phalaenopsis mannii, Pleurothallis flexuosa.

There were many interesting hybrid such as: Doritaenopsis Nobby's Purple 'Splash', Disa African Sun x D. Diores 'Sidmar Pink', Angulocaste Augres, Miltoniopsis Robert Strauss, Mokara Singa Gold, Phragmipedium Icho Tower 'Samares', Wilsonara Ravissement 'Cali'.

In general, the plants had an excellent cultivation but some of them forming a so good specimens that stood out immediately. One of them was the Zygotepalum Arthur Elle 'Wössen' (Glanz Wössner Orchideen), Pleurothallis (Specklinia) grobyi (Botanischer Garten München) which really deserved the awards: Best Pleurothallid species - generic and intergeneric (Classes 140 - 143) e and Best Pleurothallidinae species and hybrid (Classes 144 - 145). Ansellia africana (Luxembourg Gardens- French Senate) was a very big plant and with a beautiful blossom as well the Osmoglossum pulchellum 'Brins of Muguet', in the same stand.

Briefly, it is impossible to mention every interesting plant.

Some stands were very attractive and the most interesting, in my opinion, was the one presented by Cherbourg-Octeville city (which won a Bronze Medal and the second place - green ribbon) with a rare collection of Vanilla species, from the greenhouses of the ‘Emmanuel Liais Park'. Unfortunately, the plants were not blooming.
The Singapore Botanical Gardens' stand called our attention due to the originality in creating true sculptures which sinuosity of the forms suggested dance movements. I should also mention Vacherot & Lecoufle stand, the great champion, as well the one by Eric Young Foundation which was the reserve champion.

I would like to thank for the warm reception and tender attention gave to us by Vinciane and Marc Dumont, as well as the whole support team of the 18th WOC, with special mention to Micheline Rusterholz, the responsible for the attendance to the lecturers.

I would like to also thank to everyone (from different regions of the world) who, kindly, cooperated with us in this special edition, either giving interviews, sending articles, photos or clarifying doubts, even those who, for one or another reason, haven't send their participation in time:

Abishkar Subedi
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